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We are bringing the newest and best product and services to Hong Kong, and expanding to rest to APAC countries, with only one goal: We are offering a better way and make you gets better.

Over decades of commercial experience; starting from Golf business in Hong Kong, we step by step equipping more knowledge and professional titles from U.S. Kids Golf and Titleist Performance Institute. Our positioning becomes irreplaceable.


Thanks to our kids, families, students and customers. Most of them has become our core support, enhancing us to move forward.

Early 2019, we started distributing Oska Pulse in Hong Kong, Macau, and APAC Travel Retail. We carefully select our partners and gradually increase our coverages. Our turnover keeps increasing means more and more people getting pain relief, utilising Oska Pulse in pain management means less drugs less side effect is suffering.

We also see people suffering musculoskeletal pain do not have any idea about the cause. Hence Selective Functional Movement Assessment can be the answer.

So, we are offering better ways to help people getting better in Golf, Medical and Rehabilitation.  


 U.S. Kids Golf 


Oska Pulse


Titleist Performance Institute

Our Core Brands
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