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People & Partnership

 Partner With Us 

As a company focused on bringing new services and products to make our customer better, we know that partnering with professionals will be our most important assets. The professional working along with us always have solid business advancement, highly trusted and fully supported. We strive to give opportunities with different professions where all of us can achieve win-win-win and enlarge your service and product portfolio.

Golf Coaches Professional

Healthcare Professionals


Whether you are active or not, as long as you are a passionate coach: We want you

Especially providing musculoskeletal diagnoses, treatment and rehabilitation.

One of the biggest demand in nowadays market. Our cooperation will help a lot of people

Fitness Professional

Owning a private gym? or working in a club. Specialise for adults, elderly, kids, ladies.

Yoga or other sports specific coach also welcome.

Business Development Professionals

Active PR professionals, love networking, experience in sales & marketing field

Web, Video, Social Media Experts

Fresh or experienced... we need passionate specialist. Like a mirror, you willing to learn then we willing to teach

Please write to us and let us know your expertise and professions, there will be a way can achieve mutual benefits.

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