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Founder Biography

Frankie Chan is the Founder of Hong Kong Golf Coaching and Service Company since 2014. He oversees the company’s product and service strategy, including golf coaching, fitness and rehabilitation training and services; Oska Pulse sales, marketing and distributions; and other future business opportunities.


Frankie started coaching golf and trading golf equipment since 2014. He then accumulated more and more influence to golf coaching market in Hong Kong. As coaching continues, he keeps learning to become a better coach, including travel to U.S. many times for further education from U.S. Kids Golf and Titleist Performance Institute. Up to 2020 Frankie has been awarded twice as Top 50 Kids Teacher from U.S. Kids Golf and completed all 5 tracks of studies in Titleist Performance Institute. And on 2023 Jan, he became the Master Kids Coach Award by U.S. Kids Golf, the first Hong Kong Chinese receive this highest award in Junior Golf Instruction.


On 2018, Frankie used an amazing medical device called Oska Pulse. He had an elbow tendonitis injury for over a year, tried every treatment and devices to help but pain still persist. He learned this device as it is affiliated with TPI and tried it on. The pain relieved in 4 days over 90% and within 2 weeks time, the pain was completely gone. He also shared the Oska to his students and friends who were suffering chronic pain from shoulder, wrist, back pain. All of them got pain relieved in weeks. On 2019 Frankie was appointed as Sole Distributor of Oska Pulse in Hong Kong, and Macau region, later include APAC Travel Retail.


While learning Medical in Titleist Performance Institute, it is compulsory to learn Selective Functional Movement Assessment. As Frankie and some his friends suffered pain due to musculoskeletal movement, he found most healthcare practitioner will focus on solving the source of pain, but spend no effort on finding the Cause. SFMA is the answer and provides relevant rehabilitation exercise can help people avoid the pain again. On 2020, Frankie becomes SFMA Certified Practitioner and will incorporate this knowledge to help more people.


Prior to starting his own business, Frankie had been working in various companies, from beginner to management level, include: Weatherford, Nissan Motors China authorized dealer, Bowers & Wilkins were China focused; Remy Cointreau and others were APAC Travel Retail focused. Combined, Frankie has 15 years of China, Hong Kong and APAC Travel Retail working experience.


Frankie has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Sydney, Australia. Normanhurst Boy’s High School, Sydney, Australia for his high school. St. Paul’s College, Hong Kong for his secondary and primary school. He is also a Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified NLP Coach; Certified Double-Goals Coaching and Winning in Life Lessons from Positive Coaching Alliance.


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