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Our Rehabilitation Service

Selective Functional Movement Assessment


This is where the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) fits in. The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is your total body movement diagnostic system. The assessment will provide an efficient method for systematically finding the cause of the patient’s pain, not just the source. It is a repeatable diagnostic metric. 

The SFMA begins by screening 7 top tier full body movement patterns. These movements are rated and ranked as functional vs. dysfunctional, and painful vs. non-painful patterns.


The top tier movement results will guide the practitioner to first systematically look at the parts of the dysfunctional non-painful patterns, since evidence tells us pain alters movement and causes the body to compensate. In this manner we can determine the root cause of the movement dysfunction, without interference and the effects of pain on movement.

Through further examination the SFMA gives the clinician an opportunity to differentiate between mobility vs. stability/motor control dysfunctions in order to provide the most appropriate intervention for the problem at hand. By building an intervention plan related to an individual’s overall mechanical function rather than medical diagnosis, the clinician can not only impact the patient’s symptoms, but also have long lasting positive outcomes for that individual’s level of function. 

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